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March 2021,Printernet Nigeria Newsletters

By Ese Dodokior..

Children Story

Written by Godspower Isiga

Age 10 years old

Basic 6

Story Titled "Mothers Advice"(Part 1)

Chapter One.

Once upon a time,there lived a set of twin boys named Peter and Paul.The boys were identical and only few members could tell them apart by merely looking at them,however people easily recognized them by the way they behaved.Peter was a talkative and was always being rude,while Paul was polite and stammers while talking but gentle.

The boys grew up with thier parents and siblings, but the two of them where very close.They went together and did things together.

One day,there was a church Thanksgiving ceremony in there community and the children in the community were excited about attending this activities. They knew they will have fun with plenty to eat and drink. They had all been looking forward to the church Thanksgiving, of which thier parents were the Pastor and Deaconess of the church.

A day to the Thanksgiving, the twins mother called her boys and had a talk with sons,I know that you all have looked forward to this Thanksgiving festival and you both want to enjoy yourselves,but I want to warn you not to go to the stream, today, tomorrow or the day after,the festival. When I was growing up,boys,where not supposed to go to the stream at such times",thier mother said. Why?"Peter asked, wanting to know. He was thinking of other Thanksgiving festival where they had gone to take thier baths and nothing had happened. "During this period, boys usually fell in the stream and died," thier mother said.

The twin boys exchanged shocked glances,in this same stream?"Paul asked unbelievably "..

To be continued..

WithSean Grainger, Gigi Polo,


May Printernet Nigeria Newsletters.

By Ese Dodokior.

Mother's Advice (part two)

Author Isiga Godspower.

Part two

Later that day,the twin boys were out side playing football when they saw some of thier friends going to the stream.

Amongst the children where,Ogaga Paul's closest friend. Ogaga was the boy who could easily differentiate the twins even by thier voices.He and Ogaga where believed to be the best swimmer among the twins and they usually referred to her as the fish and he was proud with that nick name.

"Aren't you boys going to wash your dirty clothes before the Thanksgiving festival! Ogaga asked when he saw them playing." No we are not going to the stream", Peter said in his usual polite stammering tone.

"Why? every boy and girl in this Community will be at the stream today and after washing, we will swim ," Ogaga said.Peter wondered why thier mother had decided to spoil the day for them.He began to suspect that thier mother had only tried not to allow them from going by telling them ridiculous story of the stream taking boys lives.He turned to his brother,I think we should follow them to the steam and have fun."

Peter was surprised at him."Mother said we should not,if we do,we will only be disobeying her,"she said.Mother will never know that we went,Paul said.Why would your mother tell you not to go to the stream when all children in this Community will be there to wash ,play,swimming and enjoying themselves? Ogaga asked with a surprise face .Paul was sad that thier mother had told them not to go to the stream and Peter was not willing to go to the stream I don't even understand, she said that boys shouldn't go to the stream around the time of the festival, that if they do they will will be killed in the stream during that time. Peter explained." Which stream?, another boy named Ben asked.This same stream,Peter said.Ogaga laughed.May be boys of those days couldn't swim and they drowned in the stream. We are swimmers and for goodness sake, the stream is too shallow to drown anyone "he said." Well,our mother advices us not to go,so we cannot go.We will stay here and play and go home when we are tired," Peter said."I will not go anywhere because I don't want to disobey mother.Remember what she says disobedience has a high price that you may never be able to pay,Peter said.It's a shame that you boys will not have fun like the rest of us,Ogaga said." my mother didn't say the same if it was true?,

To be concluded next month..

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